Making the most of network capacity

IP distribution of content is increasingly common, but networks need the right tools to deal with these heavy loads. Operators are in the business of selling network capacity. The more data they can run over their network infrastructure, the more services they can sell, and in turn, the more revenues they can drive.

But the fast pace of technological change makes this increasingly difficult. More channels, more quality, plus the sheer amount of content means operators need to work with the very best partners to ensure they make the most of their infrastructure. With such high investments made in their infrastructure, finding the perfect balance between cost, bitrate, price and availability is vital.
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How Appear helps Telcos

Appear offers simple solutions to complex requirements. Not only are our hardware modules hot-swappable, but a user-friendly interface means deep experience isn’t required to operate our products

The flexibility of Appear’s technology means that customers with different needs can be served easily, balancing cost and compression requirements, as well as availability

Our robust, resilient and power efficient technology is sustainable, reduces operational costs and saves on rack space

Appear provides a range of compression solutions that gives operators the ultimate flexibility and ensures they make the most of their network capacity

Our Markets


Fixed and mobile distribution
Changing production means a demand to be flexible

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Live compression

The delicate tightrope of live broadcast
Compression for live broadcast is complex and in flux

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Head-end distribution

Meeting the needs of head-end distribution
Distribution for Cable, IPTV, Terrestrial and Satellite

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