Meeting Appear: Paolo Limo Zapata, Technical Sales Engineer

Meeting Appear: Paolo Limo Zapata, Technical Sales Engineer

How long have you been at Appear and what’s your role at the company?

I’ve been working at Appear since 2018, where I joined as a Support Engineer. In May 2021, I took on the role of Technical Sales Engineer.

What does a typical day look like for you?

No two days are ever the same, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions that have been put in place. However, if I had to give an overview of what I get up to on a daily basis, I’m essentially the key point of contact on solving problems, offering technical guidance, and demonstrating how to use Appear’s new products and services to customers—no matter where they are in the world. It’s a demanding job, but it’s rewarding to provide the help and support our customers need. Before the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to travel around the world to identify and establish new business, as well as organise sales visits.

What’s been the most exciting project you’ve worked on while at Appear and why?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing system installations in different countries. Not only have these been an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of cultures, but I’ve been able to build relationships with clients, and help them understand the philosophy behind Appear’s products. I’ve been fortunate to be in a role where I can use my technical skills while being able to see new places, meet new people and conquer new challenges.

What’s been a career highlight for you during your time at Appear?

Overall, I’d say that it’s been the opportunity to apply my technical knowledge and support customers. I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of working and contributing to the acquisition of large and new clients, where I act as the bridge between two core groups: sales and technical support.
As I mentioned previously, every working day is different, and the pandemic has changed things even further. The pandemic has put more focus on the sales and technical sales team, which has encouraged me to help the teams with analyzing technical data and proposals wherever possible. In fact, sparked an interest in me to be part of technical sales solutions, and encouraged me to take the next step in my career.

What trend or technology do you believe is going to have the biggest impact on the broadcast industry and why?

There are so many exciting developments on the horizon for the next decade…it’s so hard to choose!

So many revolutionary technologies are coming together, and that cumulative result is creating the ‘third industrial revolution’. This revolution will change all our lives and many of our industries, including broadcast.

I feel a key enabler in all this will be vastly superior networks led by new fibre for home technologies and 5G. This in turn will facilitate new edge computing and cloud computing strategies to power the next wave of AI innovation.

The semiconductor industry will also deliver the greatest rate of performance increase yet to be seen during this decade, and video—a central element of being part of a connected world—will become an even more integrated part of everything we do.

Where would you like to see Appear five years from now?

For any company to be successful, it must continually innovate. And Appear has an excellent track record in this, as our products are unique in the marketplace.
I would love to see Appear continuing to evolve and adapt to the changing market preferences and keeping pace with technological advances. I truly believe that the foundation Appear has been built on will allow us to confidently leap into the future to adapt, progress and scale up.

If you had to choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Methodical, easy-going, and collaborative.