Appear’s X10 chassis supports encoding, decoding and satellite uplink and downlink in a single rack unit for Digital Satellite News Gathering and Mobile production.

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The X10 DSNG is a tailor-made solution dedicated to digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) and supports encoding, decoding and satellite uplink and downlink in a single chassis. With increasing demands for live event coverage, the X10 DSNG is a compact, powerful solution that meets the very specific and challenging needs of DSNG and mobile production.
As DSNG vans have limited space, equipment size and power consumption, these are important factors for operators when selecting compact technology solutions. Appear’s X10 DSNG gives operators all the functionality they need to support encoding, decoding and satellite uplink and downlink, all within a single chassis.
The X10 DSNG supports an array of compression technologies and protocols, is able to support the use of satellite and fibre delivery simultaneously and has built-in security and redundancy features to ensure all live broadcasts are not only secure, but reliable.
With a programmable interface that can be tuned and upgraded to support new video protocols as they are defined, the X10 DSNG is a solution that not only meets the needs of DSNG operators today, but will continue to support them for years to come.


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Multiple channel support

Operators can flexibly define the number of channels to be encoded and decoded, plus the number of satellite modulated outputs needed. It can support encoding of 32 HD or 8 UHD channels with 4 HD or 2 UHD channels of decoding (for monitoring), while uplinking to one or two satellite transponders. It can also support IP and decoding for monitoring uplink in the same chassis.

Common compression technologies supported, the X10 DSNG is adaptable to all operational requirements within contribution, remote production, video networking and distribution. With the modular nature of the X10 DSNG, additional compression standards can be supported through adding JPEG XS and JPEG2000 features.

The X10 DSNG is designed to be as reliable and failsafe as possible, even when used stand-alone, thanks to its integrated modulator redundancy switch. Should an internal failure take place, a range of redundancy options can take effect to keep the chassis fully operational.

The X10 DSNG has a high-capacity firewall feature that can monitor and regenerate traffic as required.

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