About Appear

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway and with customers in over 100 countries, Appear provides the backbone that production companies, telcos and broadcasters rely on to make immersive live experiences possible for their viewers. Appear boasts world-class products and expertise, and our focus on modularity, efficiency and quality helps customers stay one step ahead in a market where expectations and requirements are constantly changing and evolving. Founded on June 4th, 2004, Appear’s unrivalled and market leading solutions bring immersive viewing experiences to life. Appear has won several national and international prizes for revenue growth, internationalization and technology.

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Our culture

In Appear, we believe working together is essential when creating quality products and solutions.We are an informal organization with a lot of positive energy and an inclusive environment. At our headquarters in Oslo, our team members represent 25 different nationalities. With customers, team members and partners from all around the world, inclusivity has become the essence of our organizational culture. We always get the opportunity to use our knowledge, competence and skills when developing state-of-the-art product in this dynamic and international environment.

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Our core values

We value customer collaboration, integrity, quality and talent. Our success comes from the best talents working with highly experienced and skilled teams to produce state-of-the-art technology.

Customer collaboration


Our success is built on our customers’ success. We constantly listen to their needs and respond accordingly.

We are driven by making our customers successful. We help them achieve their ambitions. We rise to the challenges they set us and revel in finding a solution. We all benefit from their resolution. When we make a promise to a customer, we keep it.


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We behave honestly, ethically, legally, and fairly in all circumstances. We play by the rules. We are honest with ourselves and those we deal with

We abide by the law, operate good and ethical business practices, and treat our customers, partners, competitors, and employees fairly and with respect. If we’ve promised something and it’s delayed, we will explain why, and what we will do to remedy it, honestly.


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We take great pride in our investment of skill, knowledge, time and energy in developing high quality products and services for our customers

Our product development and ultimate quality is driven by customer needs and their success. We work tirelessly to develop products whose quality we can control and ensure. Time and cost pressures do not constrain our dedication to quality


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Our success comes from the best new talent working with highly experienced teams to produce smart, world-class solutions

The best ideas are unlocked by combining new talent and techniques with the deep experience and expertise that exists within the company. This makes us “greater than the sum of our parts”, and we recognize that effective teamwork produces the best ideas and results. We enjoy learning from each other, and challenge each other to do better.