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Blog posts covering contribution, compression and distribution, as well as company updates
20th Anniversary Blog: Q&A with Chris Alner, Commercial Director EMEA

Interview with Chris Alner, Commercial Director EMEA Introduction and background Could you briefly introduce yourself [...]

20th Anniversary Blog: Q&A with Petter Jorgensen, founder and Product Owner

Interview with Petter Jørgensen, Founder and Product Owner Introduction and Background Interviewer: Can you tell [...]

20th Anniversary Blog: Q&A with Thomas Lind, founder and Product Management Director

Interview with Thomas Lind, Founder and Product Management Director In this second Q&A marking our [...]

20th anniversary series: Interview with Appear’s CEO

Interview with the CEO of Appear: Charting the Course of Media Technology Success In this [...]

New Podcast – Time for Tea with Andy Rayner

“Time for Tea with Andy Rayner” is a new monthly podcast series hosted by Appear’s [...]

Adapting live event contribution for next gen viewing experiences

In an era where live event media technology is rapidly advancing and the war to [...]

Against the grain – transitioning from cloud to on-premise media processing solutions

Cloud vs on-premise. Why media service providers are questioning the options and applicability of deployments, [...]

IP Media Trust Boundaries, SMPTE RP2129 and the drive towards secure content transport

In this blog, we will explore what IP media trust boundaries are, their purpose and [...]

How hardware-accelerated SRT can balance content opportunities and video transport costs

SRT is a powerful technology for contributing and distributing live content that, when enhanced by [...]

Sports Broadcasting – Where it’s been, where it is and where it’s going

For sports broadcasters OTT has historically been bypassed in favour of traditional distribution methods. Recent [...]