Live events and outside broadcast

Live events and outside broadcasts are the most challenging broadcasts possible, a high-wire balancing act ensuring nothing goes wrong.  Live means live—latency in live broadcasting has to be as close to real time as possible. It also needs to be secure, and cannot compromise video quality in the process.
Delivering live video content, whether it’s from a stadium or between studios, is no easy feat. Content from multiple feeds has to be delivered to a central location, where it is finalized and distributed to the end customer.
There are also specific applications, like action replay or video assisted referee (VAR), that require real-time decisions to be made during live event broadcast. When it comes to live broadcast, synchronization between cameras, and ultra-low latency between the camera and the production facility, is imperative.
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How Appear helps content and rights owners

Reliability is critical. Appear’s solutions support redundant network infrastructure—whether that’s combining 2 IP networks or IP and satellite, or using public IP networks (the Internet)

Appear’s X Platform supports a range of compression technologies, giving broadcasters the flexibility to choose the codecs they need based on their quality and latency requirements

The X Platform’s firewall functionality ensures security while its compatibility with IP and satellite ensures content is always delivered

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