XC Platform

The XC Platform is the modular head-end platform for IPTV and broadcast, supporting content acquisition, compression, stream processing including scrambling and multiplexing, with distribution options for cable, satellite and terrestrial networks.

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Built for professional operators

The multi-purpose XC Platform addresses the broadcast distribution market with its modular high-density chassis design. It allows for an entire broadcast system to be designed specifically to meet a head-end operator’s individual needs.
The XC Platform is deployed worldwide in cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV applications, and used for encoding/transcoding/decoding, satellite modulation/demodulation, scrambling/descrambling, and multiplexing in a multitude of applications.
The XC Platform has two chassis options for different levels of modularity. This gives our customers the building blocks they need to create a broadcast system and deliver live media experiences. This approach minimizes the cost of ownership and ensures customers can overcome legacy challenges and introduce new technology with ease.


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Modular building blocks

The XC Platform is built on modules, where customers can pick and choose the modules they need to meet their individual requirements. The wide range of modules provides all functionality required in a broadcast distribution head-end and can be customized according to market segments. Modules are available for switching, input for content aggregation, compression, processing, output and decoding, and can all be freely combined. Customers can even deliver and convert both analogue and digital broadcast services, from point to point, or from point to multipoint, in any format and to any screen.

Carrier grade reliability

The XC Platform is carrier grade, meaning it can handle intensive processing requirements with built-in automatic routing of signals between modules. Power supplies and modules are hot-swappable, while enhanced redundancy options give unparalleled reliability.

Simple to maintain, simple to use

A user-friendly interface allows intuitive and comprehensive management of the entire system. This, plus easy integration into third-party management systems, simplifies deployment and maintenance and means users need little specialist training on the platform.

Our Markets


Fixed and mobile distribution
Changing production means a demand to be flexible

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Live compression

The delicate tightrope of live broadcast
Compression for live broadcast is complex and in flux

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Head-end distribution

Meeting the needs of head-end distribution
Distribution for Cable, IPTV, Terrestrial and Satellite

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