At Appear, we ensure our customers deliver world-class media experiences in any contribution scenario. The most renowned rights holders and content providers, including NBCUniversal, Sky, BT Sport, MLB and NHL, trust our solutions because they ensure operational efficiencies, while saving energy and rack space.

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Be prepared for any contribution scenario, now or in the future.

When contributing from different events, broadcasters and service providers need to support modern IP-based workflows in addition to traditional satellite-based contribution.

As a result, to support all workflows and networks, many businesses have ended up with multiple boxes from different vendors. This results in a waste of rack space and power – creating complex operations.

To solve this challenge, Appear offers an all-in-one integrated solution, making it possible to create operational efficiencies while saving energy and rack-space.

Benefits of the solution

The X Platform provides the most integrated and flexible solution.

  • Supporting any contribution network (satellite, fibre, managed IP network, unmanaged IP network / Internet)
  • Using any codec (uncompressed 2110 / 2022-6, J2K, JXS, AVC/HEVC…)
  • Support for any latency requirement (from sub 200ms)
  • Modular solution, making future expansion extremely easy

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