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The award-winning NEO Series

The NEO 10

A true plug and play solution

The NEO 10 provides all of the benefits of software compression, without any of the hassle. The software comes pre-installed on Appear hardware, making installation a breeze. With management, transcoding and streaming functions all fully integrated, the NEO 10 completely removes the complexity found in traditional server-based solutions.

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Software compression without the hassle of operating servers

Live distribution requires extremely stable, high-performance platforms, and recent gains in CPU performance means live distribution delivered over server-based technology is now a reality, and for many customers a preference. The NEO 10 answers this need, providing flexible, server-based software compression on high spec hardware, removing the traditional complexities for operators and broadcasters to manage software deployments on COTS hardware.


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Simplified upgrade system

A core selling point of software-based design is upgradeability, and futureproofing. The NEO software upgrade system takes care of all the server software dependencies including OS, drivers, supporting applications etc., allowing the NEO 10 to keep pace with future innovations much faster than traditional server-based solutions.

Deploying the NEO 10 does not require knowledge of deploying and operating servers. Appear’s pedigree in hardware ensures that even though the NEO 10 is a “plug and play” solution, it integrates seamlessly within customer’s existing infrastructure.

The NEO 10 is a statement of intent, the customer comes first. Every element of the design was carefully penned with the market’s needs in mind. The expansion into server-based software products, the ease-of-use, the monitoring, the connectivity options, the futureproofing… everything was built not just to meet, but to exceed the needs of the customer.