X Platform

The X Platform is a high-capacity, versatile, ultra-low latency platform for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression for the remote production, contribution and distribution markets.

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Our hardware-accelerated SRT video transport for the X Platform has been awarded Best of Show 2023 by TVB Europe and won the Excellence in Sustainability Product award at NAB 2023.

Hardware-accelerated SRT
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NAB Product of the Year Award Winner
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Efficiency unleashed

Deployable in 1RU (X10) or 2RU (X20) chassis, the X Platform fulfils the highly demanding requirements of sport and e-sport applications, among many other, and can be used as a compression head-end for OTT, IPTV, broadcast and for high density satellite turnaround or monitoring.
Satellite, fibre, and SRT contribution links powered by the Appear X Platform are currently deployed in OB vans and across stadiums to support the delivery of premium events worldwide, along with VAR in top football leagues throughout Europe, Asia and America.
With full support for multiplexing and scrambling, including L2TP delivery option, the X Platform is also an ideal video core in remote PHY deployments. As a high-capacity IP gateway, it supports any input formats to any output formats (with built-in firewall and traffic policing).


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Technical specs

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Hardware-accelerated SRT

Appear’s hardware-accelerated SRT enables cost-effective Internet connections to make serious OPEX savings. Read more here. 

Near-limitless capacity

The X Platform is designed to have near-limitless capacity. It has bi-directional 10G IP interfaces with the ability to route up to 140G of traffic internally, as well as modules that support up to 4,000 (2,000 in and 2,000 out) streams and 10G of traffic. It ensures universal applicability for any video application and supports the implementation of both current and future IP video codecs.

With support for “light”, lossless, intra-codecs such as JPEG-XS, JPEG 2000 and TICO, along with lossy codecs such as AVC and HEVC, the X Platform implements current and future IP video codecs with support for both SDI and SMPTE-2110 IP interfaces.
Appear’s software-defined AVC/HEVC compression module supports SD, HD, FHD and UHD with HDR, and can be configured as an encoder, transcoder or decoder, supporting all contribution applications as well as combined broadcast, IPTV and OTT transcoding.