Appear provides a range of live streaming compression solutions, in hardware and software, that offer the ultimate flexibility to accommodate any compression requirement – whether the emphasis is on operating costs, power consumption, density or latency.

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The race for latency

For many broadcasters the streaming of live events is still a long way behind traditional broadcast feeds, latency-wise. Low-latency streaming techniques help, but most are not quite there yet. Encoding/transcoding latency is too high – often 4-6 seconds in software-based solutions. Shaving off seconds here will help to come closer to the broadcast latency that consumers expect.
Live broadcasts also depend on many moving parts working together for success, including evolving compression standards. Broadcasters need to have one eye on the future to make sure they get the balance right. They also need flexibility for evolving demands, and can’t invest in a solution that will only help with today’s requirements.

Benefits of the solution

Broadcast-level latency with flexibility for evolving demands

Appear ensures broadcast-level latency while maintaining the best-possible sound and images:

  • Appear’s ABR encoders and transcoders are market leading when it comes to latency
  • Scalable and flexible to stay ahead of evolving compression standards
  • Stable and easy-to-operate solutions that deliver premium quality
  • Simplify operations with a plug-and-play OTT transcoder that can be added to existing workflows

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