Changing production means a demand to be flexible

Fixed contribution is a big drain on bandwidth, with multiple channels and feeds, which need to be delivered in high definition and with low latency. Operators need to find the perfect balance between cost, bitrate, price and availability.

Content from multiple feeds has to be delivered to a remote production facility, where it is centralised, subtitles and overlays are added, and then distributed to the viewer or rights owner. This process must be secure, as real-time as possible, and without compromising video quality.

Meanwhile remote production is changing. While Outside Broadcast (OB) vans still exist to support production on-site, there is an increasing shift for production to be done completely remotely. Instead of one feed from the event sent to the production facility, now, there are multiple camera feeds going from the event to a central production location–with the demands for compression and security that come with this.

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Being flexible without the cost

Appear provides a range of compression solutions, providing the ultimate flexibility to accommodate any compression requirement

Integration of the newest IP workflows supporting uncompressed transmission over IP

Simultaneous satellite, IP, ASI and over-the-internet SRT and Zixi output, plus BISS and BISS-CA encryption

Compact, robust and power efficient solutions ensures a reliable option for production companies on the move

Explore our Mobile Contribution solutions

In this brochure, you will learn how we ensure production companies and broadcasters meet the demanding needs of Mobile Contribution applications for DSNG and OB vans with the X Platform Satellite Contribution packs.

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