Global streaming secured when powered by Appear

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Oslo, Norway – Appear TV, a leading provider of next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming, announce critical new features on its streaming portfolio.

An integral part of numerous large-scale national and international OTT operations, the Adaptive Bitrate Server packager (ABR) enables just-in-time packaging with features for start-over, catch-up, nPVR and VOD. Operators can continue to deliver the latest in streaming technology at optimized operating costs, while incorporating the latest in security functionality.

Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX) from the DASH Industry Forum is designed to avoid vendor lock in and reduce technology fragmentation in the OTT space, and support all major DRM systems and playout formats. It allows for faster and more efficient integration between ABR and DRM vendors, resulting in a quicker launch of new OTT services. Operators will find that Appear provides an effortless path to CPIX implementation.

In addition to live streaming, security requirements are needed for on demand content. The Appear software-based storage solution (AMS) security features have been hardened even further, with CBCS encryption-at-rest. This offers industry standard safekeeping of stored content, whilst keeping the cost of encryption and decryption at a minimum.

“Appear TV retains our commitment to open standards, reducing our customers’ technological risk and need to invest in proprietary solutions”, said Mr. Geir Ertzaas, ABR R&D manager at Appear TV. “CPIX and CBCS are two of many features where Appear leads the way in standards adoption. For OTT operators looking to optimize their operation, it is good to know that ABR already supports CMAF packaging with common encryption. This enables the delivery of identical chunks for DASH and HLS video fragments, effectively cutting CDN costs in half.”

The latest ABR release now includes a complete end-to-end ABR workflow with the Appear software transcoder and the Nagra GO Live turnkey OTT solution, creating an effortless environment for transcoding and publishing VOD content and associated data. For operators looking to improve customer experience with UHD content, HDR10 dynamic range is now available live and on-demand.

Through Appears partnership with Verimatrix, support for the VCAS CEI 2.0 interface enables the use of VCAS instances in the cloud as well as on-premise.

About Appear:

Appear is a leading provider of media processing and delivery technology. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway and with customers in over 100 countries, Appear provides the backbone that production companies, telcos and broadcasters rely on to make immersive live experiences possible for their viewers. With world-class products and expertise, Appear’s focus on modularity, efficiency and high quality helps customers stay ahead of competition in a market where expectations and requirements are constantly changing and evolving.