Optimal product portfolio addresses the challenges of modern video delivery

DUBAI, UAE, January 12, 2018 – Appear will present its wide array of video delivery products at CABSAT 2018 (Stand: ZB5-B61), a premiere expo for broadcast, satellite and digital entertainment technology. In addressing advancements in video distribution, Appear offers a unique approach that balances the complementary nature of hardware and software. The company will demonstrate how its powerhouse X- and XC-series hardware for contribution and distribution works alongside its software portfolio for optimal performance at any point in the broadcasting value chain.

At CABSAT 2018, Appear will showcase its newest hardware-addition, the multifaceted X-series. The durable XC-hardware platform, serving both the cable and satellite market by choice of modules to be fitted in the chassis, will also be on show. Adding to the roster is the entire Appear software portfolio, which makes the company a must-visit for this year’s exhibition.


Diverse and open solutions

“While much of the industry is shifting towards purely software-centric, it is oversimplifying things to state that software is optimal for all application areas,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO of Appear. “The hardware and software options that comprise Appear’s product ecosystem emphasize a combination of the complementary benefits of both approaches to handling the challenges of video delivery whilst also giving our customers a greater choice. Our hardware is modular, hot-swappable, high-capacity and features patented redundancy, while our software is built around open, scalable architecture with a multitude of deployment architecture options.”


As a turnkey manufacturer of solutions relating to video transmission, Appear is positioned uniquely in the intersection between a hardware and software provider. “We see an industry torn between two goods of equal value if only applied correctly,” adds Holst “Our continuous development and innovation is based upon a calculated tradeoff between the two. Because of this mindset, we have a diverse portfolio of adaptable products. Solutions without lock-ins means the operator can cherry-pick the best products for the job; everyone’s happy.”