Eurovision Services serves up Appear X Platform for live contribution of a major tennis tournament in Paris

Live contribution of a major tennis tournament in Paris

20 July, Oslo, Norway – Appear, the global leader in media processing and delivery technology, was recently selected by Eurovision Services as a live contribution partner for a major tennis tournament held in Paris. Eurovision Services deployed Appear’s award-winning X Platform to deliver live 1080p HD channels during the competition, capturing action from the tennis courts and press conference interviews.

Appear’s X Platform offered the most power, space, and operationally efficient contribution solution on the market. Just two Appear X10 units were needed to deliver Eurovision Services’ live HD channels from the tournament in France, limiting energy consumption and saving on shipping costs and power usage while minimising on-site production space – without compromising on quality or latency. The density and flexibility of the X Platform enabled Eurovision services to seamlessly encode and deliver its live feeds while easily scaling to meet increased volumes of camera feeds.

The X Platform’s ease of configuration and operational resilience empowers broadcasters and service providers globally to deliver live contribution, enabling next-generation remote production and distribution workflows. It seamlessly blends industry standards such as HEVC/AVC, ST-2110, JPEG XS, Zixi, and high-capacity SRT, with an equally broad array of processing, Network Address Translation (NAT), and firewall functions.

The X Platform includes Appear’s ECx110 modules for HEVC ultra-low latency encoding and decoding. It is the only compression solution on the market to offer ultra-low latency, HD, and UHD compression with SDI and ST-2110 uncompressed I/O, at scale and with 1RU or 2RU short-depth chassis options.

Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO, Appear, said: “We’re proud to have been entrusted by Eurovision Services to provide live contribution feeds for this prestigious tennis tournament, which includes multi-codec support, firewalling, and SRT capable compression technology. The power and efficiency of the X Platform means it’s continually ranked top of the industry when it comes to density, format options, and breadth of security. We look forward to continuing our work with Eurovision Services and supporting more of the world’s most-loved live sporting events.”

As part of Appear’s ‘ground-to-cloud’ vision, the X Platform enables media companies to send signals from cameras at an event to a cloud production platform without the need to send a mobile unit and accompanying production team. In primary distribution and video transport to and from the cloud, the platform enables cost-efficiency through transport over the internet. The platform won a Sustainability in Product or Service award at the NAB Excellence in Sustainability awards at NAB Show 2023.


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Appear is a global leader in high-capacity solutions for media processing and content delivery, including premium live event contribution, remote production and distribution. Pushing the limits of media and entertainment innovation, Appear’s primary focus is on delivering exceptional value to its global network of clients by elevating their content delivery to unprecedented levels of success.

With a commitment to product excellence and sustainability, Appear has won multiple prestigious awards and continuously strives to provide premium quality, highly efficient solutions that enable tier-one content providers to outperform their competition. Through its innovative offerings, Appear empowers its clients to accomplish seamless integrations and unparalleled media workflow performance, even in the face of an ever-changing landscape.

By actively collaborating with trade bodies and esteemed technology partners, Appear remains at the forefront of the latest industry advancements, ensuring seamless and secure media transport across any network to deliver unmatched value and game-changing results to the world of live events and premium content.

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